On September 17, we observed the Mahalya Amavashya which is also known as Sarv Pitru Paksha. It marks the beginning of the Devi Paksha which comes after two weeks of Pitru Paksha (an inauspicious duration when Shradh happens). Also Read - Guidelines For Durga Puja, Navratri, Parliament Session to be Released Soon

Usually, Durga Puja or Navratri begins seven days after Mahalya, however, this year it will start 35 days after the Mahalya. Did you know why? Well, Durga Puja always begins with Mahashashthi which normally falls on the seventh-day post-Mahalaya, however, this time, the much-awaited day will fall 35 days after Mahalya. Also Read - Happy Durga Ashtami 2020: Best Quotes, WhatsApp Messages, Greetings to Wish Your Loved Ones

The reason behind this is that the 35 days duration comes under the ‘Mala Mash’ which literally means ‘unholy month’. This is because two new moons or Amavasyas will fall during this period and that makes the days, inauspicious to perform any Puja.

This unusual schedule of Durga Puja has happened in the past too in 2001 and 1982.