Father’s Day 2018 will be celebrated on June 17, 2018, and this day is all about the fathers who have been the silent contributors and made us who we truly are. He has been your mentor, your trainer, guide, pioneer, torchbearer, your first real-life superhero and what not! He has been a great guide in your times of fear. You have a lifetime of secrets with him and always share a joke with him over it. He is your father, the first man in your life.

Father’s Day 2018: Know Date, Significance, History and Origin of The Special Day For Dads

Father’s Day 2018: Know Date, Significance, History and Origin of The Special Day For Dads

Father’s Day is all about celebrating fatherhood and making your dad feel special, loved and remembered all the sacrifices that he has made to make you who you are. From handling your stubbornness as a child to paving your ways as a teenager to guiding and making you an ideal human being, he has spent a lot of time to make you a better person. It’s time you make him feel special and tell him how much he means to you.

While there are many ways of celebrating father’s day that include giving gifts and experiences, the simplest way to make your dad feel loved is by forwarding Happy Father’s Day messages. So, we bring you the best SMS, WhatsApp Messages, Facebook Status to wish Happy Father’s Day.

Take a look:

WhatsApp Message Reads: You’ve seen me laugh, You’ve seen me cry, And always you were there with me, I may not have always said it, But thanks and I love you. Happy Father’s Day


WhatsApp Message Reads: Dad, wishing you a box of happiness, For today, tomorrow and always, With all my love!’


WhatsApp Message Reads: I know just the person who needs, “101 Ways to Be a Great Dad.” Don’t worry it isn’t you! Happy Father’s Day!


WhatsApp Message Reads: Every girl may not be a queen to her husband, But she is always a princess to her father” !!. Happy father’s day


WhatsApp Message Reads: No one takes place of your dad, He is only to protect you and work for you in day and night, No one came better for you but your father, Happy Father’s Day!


In today’s fast moving life, we often forget to reflect the role that our family plays in our lives and these special holidays remind us of the role that our parents have played and the sacrifices that they have made.

We at India.com wish all fathers in the world a ‘Happy Father’s Day’.