When it comes to parents, both are important in their child’s life as they contribute equally though maybe differently in its upbringing. So for all the effort they put in, in bringing him or her up, it is only fair that the child gives back some of that love and respect to them. And what better way to do it than on a day designated for them, like Father’s Day which is just round the corner.Also Read - Know The Connection Between International Men's Health Week And Father's Day

Father’s Day is held on every third Sunday of June, and this year it falls on the 21st. It is held to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds, and to bring about awareness about their influence in society. People usually do something special on this day to let their father know that he is loved. And here are some ideas on what you could do for your father on this day. Also Read - Father's Day 2019: Hina Khan Wishes Her Father With an Adorable Post, Says 'You Are My Hero'

Host a Barbecue Party in The Backyard:

Since eating out at the time of COVID-19 pandemic might not be a feasible idea, you could arrange for a barbecue party for him right in the backyard. And in case you are far away, you could just send him a basket of all his favourite food items.

Order or Make Something For Him:

Your dad would appreciate anything you give him, but you could show your appreciation by buying him an expensive watch or wallet. Another thing you could do is create something that he would like at home by yourself. He will surely appreciate the effort you put into it.

Spend Time Together:

Decide on baking a cake or cooking with your dad, the activity will surely bring you both closer as father and daughter or son. You could also watch movies that are about father and daughter relationships, or just down and play a game of cards or scrabble together.

At the end of the day, doing something for your father would mean you showing appreciation for all that he has done and how much you love him.