Everybody and anybody who runs a business knows that without customers they would have to shut shop. Another important part is building a rapport with customers so that their needs and wants are met, which would in turn help the business grow. So to act as a reminder, a special day, called as Get to Know Your Customers Day, is marked annually on the third Thursday of each quarter, that is on January, April, July and October. This quarter the day falls on July 16, 2020. Also Read - International Nelson Mandela Day 2020: History And Significance of The Day

Though it might be a little difficult in this day and age to keep in close contact with the patrons due to most of the buying and selling happening online, businesses can still try. Small businesses like village shops still have that face to face discussion with customers who visit them and get to know them and their needs. At times they would even get the items that are not available or usually kept in the store for their customers, making them feel important and that they are cared for.

Business that deal only with the online selling and buying of goods can still do so, by asking their customers about the items they have bought and what they would like to be sold through them. This would not only make the relationship between seller and buyer be more intimate, it would also guarantee that the customer comes back for more.

Enhancing Relationship With Customer:

To stay on top of the needs of your customers, you would have to form a close relationship with them that is based on mutual respect and understanding. You could do the following to gain their trust:

1. Ask your customers basic questions, like what kind of product or service they wish to acquire.

2. Send out surveys through social media to understand what is good or bad about your store.

3. Be quick to rectify any mistake or negative experience your customer might have come across while shopping. This will gain their trust and ensure that they continue to shop with you.

4. Follow up with the customer on a purchase he or she made so you would get to know if it worked for them. This way you will get to know about your product and also the needs of your customer.

These are just some of the tips on how you can get to know your customers better, and with an event like Get to Know Your Customers Day serving as a reminder, it will not be difficult.