This year Good Friday will be observed on March 30. The Christian community from all over the world will observe this holy day. Lord Jesus was crucified on the cross on this particular day. This is a sad day for the Christians, but the day is termed as ‘Good Friday’ because they believe that Jesus gave up his life for the betterment of the people. And the word ‘Good’ in good Friday means holy or pious. The crucifixion is still remembered in Jerusalem as Roman soldiers nailed Jesus to a wooden cross. Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Holy Friday, Eater Friday or Great Friday in different countries. Also Read - Vaccination Drive Suspended in Maharashtra Till Monday Due to CoWin App Glitches

As part of the Paschal Triduum, the day is observed during Holy Week i.e. on the Friday before Easter Sunday. After Good Friday the preparations for the celebration of Easter is made. It is the celebration of joy as it is believed that Jesus rose after three days from his crucifixion. Across the world dramas depicting Jesus’ crucifixion is performed at churches. During the ceremony special programmes being organised. Also Read - Day 1 of Largest Vaccination Drive Ends as Over 1.9 Frontline Workers Get First Jabs | 10 Points

On Good Friday, devotees observe fast and grieve for the entire two days. There is no celebration, no mass in the church, no decoration during this day.
Horse racing and dancing are prohibited in some countries like Germany on Good Friday considering the nature of the day. At the Vatican City, Pope Francis will preside over the Good Friday commemorative. Also Read - Live Cricket Streaming India vs Australia 4th Test: When And Where to Watch IND vs AUS Stream Live Cricket Match Online And on TV

According to the gospels, the Roman governor suggested Jewish leaders to sentence Jesus. But under the Roman law they could not execute Jesus, so they appealed Pilate to issue the order to kill Jesus. Even Pilate declared Jesus to be innocent, but the crowd were furious. Then they agreed to sentence Jesus to crucifixion just to save his station from riots.