Happy Hanuman Jayanti: India celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman, also known as Bajrang Bali with Hanuman Jayanti. Sri Hanuman has many names including Pawan Putra and Anjaneya- he was a big devotee of Lord Ram. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm across India. This year, it is falling on April 27.Also Read - Happy Buddha Purnima 2022: Wishes, Whatsapp Messages, Quotes, Facebook Status For Your Loved Ones

Devotees of Hanuman offer special prayers to the Vanara God. Lord Hanuman who is a symbol of strength is believed to be an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. According to mythology even before his birth, it was predicted that Hanuman would be a devotee of Ram. Also Read - Akshaya Tritiya 2022: 5 Things to do Today That Are as Auspicious as Buying Gold

It was Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Ram that helped him defeat Ravana after Sita’s abduction. Devotees flock to Hanuman temple to offer special prayer to God. Hanuman is believed to have magical powers with which he conquers evil spirits. On Hanuman Jayanti, devotees apply tilak of sindoor on their foreheads from Hanuman’s idol. Also Read - Akshaya Tritiya 2022: 5 Traditional Rituals of This Festival

Top messages, quotes, greetings, WhatsApp status that you can share with your loved ones:

  • Happy Hanuman Jayanti! May Hanuman Ji bless you with power and compassion.
  • Happy Hanuman Jayanti! I wish you joy, peace and contentment on Hanuman Jayanti
  • On this Hanuman Jayanti, I wish you happiness and prosperity. Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2021!
Happy Hanuman Jayanti

Happy Hanuman Jayanti

  • Best wishes to you and your family on Hanuman Jayanti.
  • May Lord Hanuman bless you and your family during these difficult times. Wish you Happy Hanuman Jayanti

  • I wish joy, harmony, and prosperity on Hanuman Jayanti for you and your family. Wishes on Hanuman Jayanti!
  • I wish you be accompanied with auspiciousness and blessings on Hanuman Jayanti.

  • May God Hanuman bless you with power and wisdom, Happy Hanuman Jayanti.

  • Let us pray Anjaneya Swami on this auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and get a blessing to become successful in life. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!
  • I wish joy, harmony and prosperity on Hanuman Jayanti for you and your family. Wishes on Hanuman Jayanti.
  • We bow to Maruti, Sri Hanuman, who stands with his palms folded above his forehead, with a torrent of tears flowing down his eyes wherever the names of Lord Rama are sung. Happy Sri Hanuman Jayanti 2021!

  • Hanuman is worshipped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance, and devotion, may Lord Hanuman give you his strength, may bless you with his perseverance and may he grant you the art of devotion as he had for Lord Rama! Happy Hanuman Jayanti.

  • Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar, Jai Kapeesh Tihu Lok Ujagar, Ram Doot Atulit Bal Dhama, Anjani Putra Pawan Sut Nama, Jai Shri Ram Jai Hanuman.
  • Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram, Hare Ram hare Ram hare Ram, Hanuman ji ki tarah japte jao, Apni saari badhaye door karte jao, Shubh Hanuman Jayanti.