The sixth and one of the most exciting days of the Valentine week, Hug Day will be celebrated on Monday, February 12, 2018. Hug Day is an exciting day as it gets our partner in our arms in a tight hug that often conveys a lot more than words. Hug Day is also a day that can be celebrated between friends as well. On the occasion of Hug Day, we bring to you a collection of some of the best wishes, quotes, SMS, WhatsApp Forwards, Facebook Status and GIF which you can send to your Valentine and your loved ones as well.Also Read - Express Your Love With This Artificial Intelligence Platform!

Teddy Bears, Chocolates. Roses and kisses are awesome but a hug often conveys the heart’s feelings in more subtle as well as clear ways. A hug signifies a lot of things and the best part is that it transcends relationships. Unlike a kiss which is mostly always sexual, a hug can be bestowed on anyone. So although it is Valentine Week take the opportunity on Hug Day to give all your loved ones, friends, family, and lover a warm and tight hug to let them know how much you love and care for them, and send these sweet messages for them to cherish your warmth. Valentine Week 2018: Rose Day, Propose Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day and List of Days to Celebrate Until Valentine’s Day Also Read - Valentine's Special: Shraddha Kapoor Delivers A Special Valentine's Day Message For All Her Fans!

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When things are not fine between us a hug is all I need from you. Happy Hug Day!


A hug is the best gift you can give. It fits all, And nobody ever minds if you return it. Happy Hug Day


A long tight hug from you would be perfect right now. Happy Hug Day, Darling!

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Sending you today a hug from across the miles so warm and tight, the distances would disappear and you’d know how much I love you!


No matter how far apart we are, I know I’ll always find my way back to you, hug you and shower you with my kisses. Happy Hug Day!

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If a hug could convey how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever. Happy Hug Day!


There is one gift in this world giving which is as good as receiving. And I give it to you today. Happy Hug Day!


There is one gift which can’t be given without taking it back …That is why I give you a Hug which can’t be giving without taking it back. Happy Hug Day


Alone? I’ll be your shadow. Want to cry? Here’s my shoulder. Need a hug? I’ll hold you tight. Bcoz where your strength ends, My worth of being your love begins.


A hug delights and warms and charms that must be why God gave us arms. Happy Hug day.

Hug Day is followed by Kiss Day which falls on February 13, 2018, and finally Valentine’s Day which will be celebrated the world over on February 14, 2018. Valentine’s Day is a popular European Festival which is celebrated in the honour of Saint Valentine of Rome along with other Christian saints called Valentinus.