The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many institutions and businesses closing their doors temporarily, and with the lockdown in place many are stuck at their homes with little to do. Because of the extra time they have on their hands, people, who are becoming more conscious about their health, are opting to join online yoga and also take up classes. Also Read - International Yoga Day 2020: History And Significance And The Theme Chosen For This Year

This year, International Yoga Day 2020, is running with the theme ‘Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family’, and since the celebrations can not be held the usual way due to coronavirus, it will be streamed online on June 21 from 7 am. The objective of the day is to highlight the health-building and stress-relieving aspects of Yoga.

Keeping Fit Through Online Sessions of Yoga:

Due to gyms and health and fitness centres not functioning as usual, people are missing out on their regular dose of exercise. This has led to many looking for options like yoga, dance routines and body weight workouts, etc., online. Those who were holding yoga sessions at their studios and have shifted to offering online classes, reported a huge surge in the number of people wanting to take part. And many of the customers, who are fitness enthusiasts, are happy they are able to effectively workout even within the confines of their homes.

Online Yoga Classes at The Time of COVID-19:

Again with time on their hands, people are opting to try learning a new skill and yoga is one of them. Yoga instructors have reported a huge surge in the number of people wanting to learn, and most have done it on the insistence of their students. One instructor decided to start giving classes through Instagram live, and another got on Zoom for her classes. The online yoga classes, which include steps for senior citizens and kids too, have become very popular among the masses.