This year, Karva Chauth is celebrated on October 27, 2018, Saturday. It is is a very popular Hindu festival celebrated by women especially in North Inda. It is a significant day for married women as they celebrate this day by observing a day-long fast without food and water for the prosperity and long life of their husbands. Married women fast on the day of Karva Chauth from sunrise to moonrise, without drink a single drop of water until they sight the moon late in the evening. Sometimes unmarried women also observe the fast on this day for their desired husbands. Also Read - Kajal Aggarwal Wears The Most Delicate Red Saree by Manish Malhotra For Her First Karwa Chauth - Yay or Nay?

The story behind Karva Chauth

After having observed fast through the day, women offer prayers to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Kartik to bless them with a blissful life. While performing this puja, before the moon-sighting, women narrate a story about a queen named Veervati. Veervati was the only sister among seven brothers; hence was the most loved one in the family. She was married off at a young age; her first Karva Chauth was celebrated at her parents’ home. She followed a strict fast from sunrise, but desperately waited for the moon to appear. Seeing her thirsty and hunger-stricken, her brothers couldn’t bear any longer and thought of an idea. They created a mirror in a pipal tree and made it look like the moon had risen. Veervati mistook it as the moon and broke the fast and the moment she took a morsel in her mouth, she got a message from her servants that her husband was dead. Also Read - It Happens Only in India! 3 UP Sisters, Married to The Same Man Observe Karwa Chauth For The Husband They Share

Heartbroken, she wept all night long until a goddess appeared in front of her and asked her about her misery. When Veervati told the goddess, she asked her to observe the Karva Chauth fast again with dedication and devotion to see her husband alive. Veervati followed her instructions and observed a fast again. Seeing this dedication, Yama, the god of death, was forced to bring her husband back to life. Also Read - Karwa Chauth Turns Tragic For Wife As Husband Gets Stabbed to Death for Resisting Robbery in Delhi's Moti Nagar

Celebrations and Vrat

Women apply henna or mehendi a day before Karva Chauth, women in Rajasthan apply Alta and then dress like a bride in a traditional outfit and ethnic jewellery on this day. The fast begins at dawn, women begin by eating pre-dawn meal. It is traditional for the pre-dawn meal which is known as sargi to be given to the fasting woman by her mother-in-law. The fasting woman usually does no housework.They prepare the puja alter and worship Goddess Parvati in the evening. Older women narrate the legends of Karva Chauth and songs are sung; collectively the singers perform the feris as well. Late in the evening, the moon’s reflection is viewed in a vessel filled with water, through a sieve, or through the dupatta. Then after sighting the moon, they offer water to the lunar deity. Then they break their fast after accepting water from their husbands followed by the meal prepared for the puja.

Here is the Puja Muhurat and Moonrise/ Chandrodaya time on Karva Chauth 

Karva Chauth 2018 Date, Puja Vidhi and Timings

Karva Chauth Muhurat: 05:36 pm to 06:53 pm (17:36 to 18:53)

(Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes)

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time: 08:00 pm (20:00)

Chaturthi Tithi begins at 06:37 pm on 27th October, 2018

Chaturthi Tithi ends at 04:54 pm on 28th October, 2018

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha in Punjabi

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha in Hindi