Karva Chauth is one of the widely celebrated Hindu festivals. It holds great significance for married Hindu women who observe a fast throughout the day and ends it only after worshipping moon at night. It is believed that a married woman keeps a fast for the well-being of her husband. It’s a day of dressing up and praying all day. However, much like other Indian festivals, food becomes an important part of this festival as well. Several delicacies are prepared to relish in the evening after the fast is broken. And sweets, of course, play a major role in satiating those craving taste buds! Also Read - It Happens Only in India! 3 UP Sisters, Married to The Same Man Observe Karwa Chauth For The Husband They Share

Sweets are prepared consumed both in the beginning and at the end of the day on Karva Chauth. There’s no traditionally important sweet dish that has to be consumed while celebrating Karva Chauth. Phirni, Kheer, Seviyan, ladoo and many more sweet foot items are prepared in different households as per their family traditions. Here’s the list of a few Karav Chauth special desserts that one can easily cook at home. Also Read - Watch: Woman Beats up Girl For Calling Her ‘Aunty’ While Shopping For Karwa Chauth

1. Seviyan Also Read - Karwa Chauth 2020: Dear Ladies, It's Time to Unlearn The Misogyny & Eat The Patriarchy

Karva Chauth desserts main seviiyan

While it’s more associated with Eid, Seviyan is actually consumed in most households. It is also quite quick and easy to be cooked. All one needs to do is to mix the vermicelli in milk, add sugar and let it get boiled for a few minutes. Once it’s thoroughly cooked, one can use dry fruits to garnish.

2. Badaam Ladoo

Karva Chauth desserts main badaam laddoo

Ladoos are everyone’s personal favourite and symbolizes celebration. Badaam Ladoo is a healthy dessert that is made with roasted finely crushed almonds. The almond powder is mixed with ghee and sugar and when the entire mixture is little damp and warm, one makes tiny balls from the prepared mixture. Easy and healthy!

3. Phirni

Karva Chauth desserts main phirni

Phirni is actually a north Indian delicacy and is popular in Kashmir. It’s prepared by using jaggery, milk, almonds and rice paste. Trying out desserts from different parts of the country is always a good experiment for festivals.

4. Kheer

Karva Chauth desserts main kheer

Karva Chauth is the best day to add a twist to your basic rice kheer. One can have a jaggery kheer instead of the usual sugar-cooked one or just have a lot of dry fruits. How about having a simple makhana and coconut kheer on the day!

5. Meethi Puri

Karva Chauth desserts main mithi puri

This is something which will take you absolutely no extra time to cook. So, basically, while you would anyway be making puris for the meal, have a separate dough ready to fry meethi puris. All you need to do is to knead the dough with sweet water instead of plain water. Add little crushed dry fruits in the dough and roll the tiny balls like how you usually roll your rotis. Fry and enjoy!

Whatever you decide to cook, don’t forget to have fun. Festivals are all about happiness and family time. Wishing a very happy Karva Chauth to our readers!