Muharram is the name of the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The Islamic New Year, also known as the Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year,’ starts from 31 August this year in India. In the month of Muharram, Shia Muslims mourn for ten days in memory of Hazrat Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed and his companions. Imam was martyred in the Battle of Karbala. Several iconic figures have described his martyrdom as one of the biggest sacrifices for Islam.

Devoted Muslims attend special prayer meetings in the private mosques or their residences. During the ninth, tenth and 11th day of Muharram, Muslims observes fast from dawn to dusk. This year, ‘Ashura,’ the day that marks the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein is likely to be on 10 September. brings to you quotes, WhatsApp DP, images and messages on Imam Hussain in Urdu and English to mark the beginning of Muharram.

Read the messages and quotes on Muharram here:

“You Alone We Worship, & You Alone We Ask For Help, For Each And Everything. May Your Faith In Him Always Bring You Peace And Prosperity…Have A Blessed Muharram!”

“Kat Rahi Hy Zindahi Aulaad E Ali K Saye Me Moot Khud Mamoor Hy Meri Hifazaat K Liye Har Ghari Rehta Hun Main Nad E Ali K Saye Me.”

“Zikkr-E-Husain Aayaa To Ankhain Chalak Parein, Paani Ko Kitna Piyaar Hai Abb Bhi Hussain Say!”

“Nijat Ki Jab Appeal Karna, Hussain * Apna Wakeel Karna, Agar Sar Kay Badle * Hussain * Mile, To Zindagi Na Taveel Karna. Happy Muharram”

“A Small Person With Small Dreams, Have So, Much Believes In U My Allah . U Are For Me, I Am For U, Their Is No Words, For My Love, Through Which I Can Explain What I Feel For U My Allah. ”

“May All The Praises And Thanks Be To Allah.To Whom Belongs All That Is In Heavens & In The Earth. Have A Blessed Muharram!”

“All People Are Great Person. We Only Have To Look On Their Behavior Not On This That Who Are They Or From Where They Belong, So, This Muharram Remove Barriers & Celebrate Happy Muharram  Together.”

“Phir Aaj Haq K Liye Jaan Fida Kare Koi Wafa Bhi Jhoomuthe Yun Wafa Kare Koi Namaz 1400 Saalon Se Intizar Main Hai Hussain Ki Terha Mujh Ko”

Phir Karbala Ke Baad Dikhayi Nahi Diya, Aisa Koi Bhi Shaks Ke Pyasa Kahen Jise”

“My admiration for the noble sacrifice of Imam Hussain as a martyr abides, because he accepted death and the torture of thirst for himself, his sons and for his whole family but did not submit to unjust authorities.”

“The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Karbala is that Hussain and his followers were the rigid believers of God. They illustrated that numerical superiority does not count when it comes to truth and falsehood.”

“As the Hijri New Year begins, let us pray that it will be a year full of peace, happiness and abundance of new friends. May Allah bless you throughout the new year.”