Muharram 2021: Hijri New Year unlike other festivals is not just about celebration and happiness. This is celebrated to remember the sacrifices and struggles of their ancestors. The beginning of Muharram is marked on the sight of the moon. This is as important as all the other Islamic observations and festivities. This is the second holiest month after Ramadan as it marks the beginning of the new Islamic Year. Muharram is also known as Hijri New Year and will begin on August 10.Also Read - Govt Stresses on Vaccination, COVID-Appropriate Behaviour, Responsible Travel as Festive Season Nears

All You Need to Know About Hijri New Year, the Historical Significance, Importance:

  • Historical Context:

The history dates back to days in AD. In Circa 622 AD, the Hijri calendar marks the beginning of the forced migration of Prophet Muhammed from Mecca to Medina to save himself from religious prosecution. The Prophet was not allowed to spread messages of Islam in Mecca even before entering. It has been 1,443 years when the entire event unfolded. After the conquest of 629 AD, it is regarded as true that the Prophet had returned to the city. Unlike other festivals where people rejoice and celebrate, this Islamic event is mainly for praying and remembering the sacrifices. Also Read - Ganeshotsav 2021: Maharashtra Braces For Another Muted Celebration After BMC Gives Nod To Only 16% Pandals

  • Significance of Hijri New Year: 

This is a month of mourning, especially for Shia Muslims. Grandson of the Prophet and son of Hazrat Ali, Husayn Ibn Ali al-Hussein, died in the Battle of Karbala. This happened on the 10th day of Muharram in 680 AD. The Shia community mourns for the first 10 days of the month and is therefore called Ashoura. Also Read - Mob Booked For Violating COVID-19 Protocols During Tazia Processions in Madhya Pradesh

It is highly believed by the community that Prophet Muhammad was a messenger of God. They also call the month of Muharram as the sacred month or the divine month of Allah.

  • Date and Other Important Events

According to Islamic Calendar, this calendar is for 12 months and consists of 354 – 355 days. This calendar is exactly 11 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar. This calendar’s beginning is marked with Muharram and ends with Dhul ah-Hijjah. Along with being called as Hijri New Year, Muharram is known as Muharram-ul-Haram.

According to the calculation done by the Astronomy Centre, the first day of the New Year falls on Tuesday 10 August in most of the countries in 2021. According to Islamic Calendar, August 9 was the 29th day of Dhul Qadah. The month of Muharram will start when the moon is sighted. If the moon is not sighted on August 9 then Muharram will begin from August 11.

What are your plans for this year’s Muharram?