You will have heard the saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, and yes it can be applied to what is a favourite pastime of many – Photography. The word photography is derived from two Greek words which when put together mean “drawing with light”. It is an apt way of describing what we do with a camera, an equipment that allows us capture so many moments in life. With it being such a special tool, it is only fair that it has a National Camera Day which is marked on June 29 every year.Also Read - International Day of the Tropics 2020: Why The Tropical Regions Are Important

In this day and age, nobody is without a camera and it comes in all different sizes, shapes and forms. It has become such a big part of our lives, that we use it every chance we get, be it at parties, weddings or even funerals. Also Read - National Coconut Day 2020: All About The Fruit That Provides us With Everything we Need

How National Camera Day came into being is not known, but it all started with the discovery of the camera obscura, which stands for dark chamber in Latin. The camera obscura was nothing more than a box with a pinhole on one side which when light passes through into the dark interior of the box, would project an image onto the flat inner surface. The image would, however, disappear once the light was gone.

From back then to the present moment, the camera has gone through many changes to make it what it is today. Now apart from the original equipment, we also have smartphones that have inbuilt cameras for us to take as many photographs as we want.

Why we Love The Camera so Much:

What could be better than capturing a moment permanently, the way a camera does? Sure we could tell people about what happened, but how will they believe us without any proof. Then there is the fact that as human beings we love to look back at the past and reminisce about it and photographs sure come in handy then. And nothing captures the face of a person long gone like the camera does.

But that is not all, cameras even make our work easier by supplying us with all the details we need in one single shot. And the best part is that we do not have to be an expert when using it. You just point and shoot.