Many of us have a favourite pair of shoes that we love to wear wherever we go, and even when they no longer look presentable, we still find some use for them. There are many different kinds of footwear, but in this day and age most prefer to slip into something easy and comfortable, like flip-flops. The sandals are so comfortable and have been around for so long that they have earned a national day all to themselves. The day is marked as National Flip Flop Day and it is held yearly on the third Friday of June.

Flip-flops have been around for thousands of years, and according to Ancient Egyptian murals, are believed to have first been used around 4,000 B.C. But the first documented account of them being worn dates back to 15,000 years ago during the Stone Age.

The flat-soled sandals with straps between the first and second toes earned the term flip flop due to the flip-flopping sound they make while we walk, and the terminology has been in use since the 1960s. They are a favourite because not only are they lightweight but easy to put on and take off.

What Flip-flops Are Made of:

This kind of footwear is commonly made out of leather, suede, foam, rubber, plastic, hemp, etc., but in other places of the world they were made with unconventional materials. In ancient Egypt they were made from papyrus and palm leaves, the Masai tribe in Africa used rawhide, in China and Japan people used rice straw, in Mexico they were made from the yucca plant, in India they used wood, and in South America people used the leaves of the sisal plant to make twine for their flip-flops.

Various Names For Flip-flops:

The flip-flops are called by different names across the world, in Cambodia they are called Tongs, in Somalia they are known as Dacas, in Ukraine & Russia they are referred to as Vietnamki, in Bulgaria as Djapanki, Greece as Sayonares, Poland as Japonki, Brazil as Chinelos, South Africa as Slops, in Germany as Schalpfen, in Japan as Zori, in Australia as Thongs, and in India as Chappal.

How National Flip Flop Day is Celebrated:

Those who celebrate the day usually go out of the house wearing flip-flops, and it can be to the office, to the beach, to a restaurant, to any sort of event, and for just walking around in.