This is one day that meat lovers all over the world would love to celebrate, but it is marked mostly in the US. When it comes to comfort food, we have a variety to choose from, however, the minute we see fried chicken we forget everything else. Today, July 6, marks National Fried Chicken Day 2020, and we take a look at how this day came about.Also Read - Lamb Bulgogi Recipe: This Korean Style Dish is a Definite Must Try And Easy to Make Too

When it comes to fried chicken, it is cooked in a number of ways with a variety of spices added to it. It became famous prior to the Civil War in the US and has ever since developed into food chains like the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). How the day originated is not known, but it is said to have been a combination of Scottish chicken-frying methods and West African seasoning tradition. Also Read - Keftedakia – Greek Fried Meatballs Recipe: Meat Lovers, Here's a Dish You Can Easily Make at Home

According to, it was the Scottish immigrants who introduced deep-frying chicken in fat to the southern United States. After it became popular, cooks began experimenting with it, adding seasonings and spices to enrich the flavor of the chicken. Also Read - Honey Butter Chicken Recipe: Fried Chicken Never Tasted Better! Here's How You Can Make it at Home

Another story about how it became so popular comes from, which reveals that slaves in the US, who were only allowed to own and raise chickens, began to fry and add their own traditional spices to it. This not only empowered slaves but also enabled them to generate funds from sale of the fried chicken.

Traditionally, chicken pieces that have been rolled in flour were fried in lard, but over time that changed and now people use different kinds of oil to fry it in. Now you can have spicy, extra crispy or just regular fried chicken anywhere and anyplace. If you season your chicken just at the start, add starch to your flour and then fry it at just the right temperature, you will have the perfect fried chicken.