When we think of something sweet to eat, we usually think of chocolate, but there are an end number of sweets in this world that come with their taste and flavour. Some of these sweets are enjoyed so much, that they even have a day all to themselves. The sweet that is being celebrated today is the gummi worm, with National Gummi Worm Day falling on July 15 every year.

Gummi worm, which is inspired by the original candy, gummy bears, is a gelatin based shaped candy that comes in a variety of colours and flavours, like sweet and sour. Gummy candies are usually made out of corn syrup, sucrose, gelatin, starch and water with colouring and flavouring agents being used. To give the sweet its tart taste, food acids such as citric acid and malic acid are added.

While we do not know when or who created National Gummi Worm Day, it seems gummi worms were created by a German company called Trolli. These concoctions are great if they are eaten all on their own, but they can also be added to desserts like dirt pudding, casket pie, ice cream and parfaits and even beverages. Their flavour and colouring add a different taste altogether.

The purpose of the day is unknown, but in 2009, the confectionery was put on a list of items that should be banned from being sold in school stores and vending machines. The reason behind it is that they, along with chocolate, bubble gum, lollipops, toffee, jelly beans, marshmallows, etc., cause tooth decay. They are a favourite among children, but they are a choking risk especially to kids under the age of 3.