Of all the animals in the world, two species figure prominently on the list of pets to keep – one is the dog and the other is the cat. While a dog is said to be a man’s best friend, the cat on the other hand is usually nobody’s friend except its own. But we love them both equally, especially when they are small and cute and cuddly. Today as the world celebrates National Kitten Day, we take a look at how the day came about and its purpose. Also Read - World Population Day 2020 Quotes & Slogans: Here Are Some of The Best Sayings on Overpopulation

The cat we are talking about here is the domesticated kind that belongs to the Felidae family, which has both domesticated and wild cats. The first time cats were domesticated was in the Near East around 7500 BC, though it was thought that they cat domestication was initiated in Ancient Egypt. As of 2017, the domestic cat was the second-most popular pet in the United States by number of pets owned. Also Read - World Population Day 2020: 5 Family Planning Challenges Faced in India

History of National Kitten Day:

The day was founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle expert, author, and animal advocate Colleen Paige, with the idea to encourage adoption and celebrate the joy kittens bring to our lives. With so many animals being abandoned, this was the perfect day to encourage people to adopt cats from shelters instead of buying them from the stores. The day had initially been celebrated in the month of December for two years in a row., before it was shifted to July 10. Also Read - World Population Day 2020: History, Significance of The Day And Theme For This Year

Significance of National Kitten Day:

The whole idea behind celebrating or marking the day is to bring about awareness among the public about the importance of adopting a cat from a shelter as opposed to buying it from a pet store. Many a time owners abandon their pet cats because they can no longer look after them, this in turn could lead to them producing more unwanted babies. Adopting from shelters will give these little adorable kittens a home and also keep a check on unwanted pregnancies.

If you are thinking about buying a pet cat, then do think twice, because there is an equally adorable one that will not cost you a penny and all you have to do is adopt.