Cats, dogs and other animals that we keep as pets, over time become part of our family and are treated as such. For those who have pets, making the house safe for them would be top priority especially since they are the ones that create most of the problems in the first place. Hence, National Pet Fire Safety Day was created and marked on July 15 to remind us that we need to consider our pets too when making plans to keep ourselves and our homes safe from fire. Also Read - National Give Something Away Day 2020: Why And How This Day Came to be Marked on July 15

Cats and dogs have a way of getting into trouble when you least expect them to. Apart from chewing on your shoes, your four legged family members also have the habit of biting electric wires or just about anything that is within their reach. When they play inside the house, they also accidentally bump into things that could cause a fire or some other sort of injury to themselves or to their owners. Which is why it is important that we ensure the surroundings are safe for our pets.

History of National Pet Fire Safety Day:

The day came about in 2009 when the American Kennel Club, in association with ADT Security Services, decided that pet owners needed to learn how they can prevent fires and what to do if such a situation arises. The day is also marked to educate people about preventable measures that can save both their homes and pets.

Significance of National Pet Fire Safety Day:

The day highlights the importance of creating an environment inside the house that is safe for both humans and animals. Often times when there is a fire, people tend to forget their pets in their haste to get out of the house. The day serves as a reminder to pet owners that they have to include their furry friends in any fire safety plan that they draw up.