On the fifth day of nine days of festivity, Maa Skandamata is worshipped. This name was given to Goddess Parvati after she gave birth to Kartikeya also known as Lord Skanda. Maa Skandamata is shown by carrying baby Skanda or Murugan in her lap. Maa Skandamata is depicted with four hands. She holds two lotus flowers in her upper hands, baby Murugan and Abhaya mudra in other respective hands.Also Read - Puri-Based Miniature Artist Makes Goddess Durga Idol With 275 Ice-Cream Sticks

Goddess Skandamata is also known as Goddess Padmasana as she resides on a lotus flower. She believes to rule the plant Buddha (Mercury). Also Read - Fasting While Travelling? Try These 5 Navratri-Special Delicacies to Stay Energetic

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Maa Skandamata is one of the different forms of Goddess Durga. Offering a Dhanush vana to Goddess Skandamata is very holy and pious.

Devotes who worship Maa Skandamata offer red flowers and shringar samagri. They are believed to be blessed with a long-married life and children. It is also auspicious to read the seventh chapter of Durga Saptashati Katha on Day 5 of Navratri.


Om Devi Skandamatayai Namah॥

Maa Skandamata Colour 

The auspicious colour for this day is orange.