Today on March 21, the world is celebrating Navroz, the name of the Persian New Year. The Parsis in India are a very small minority but a very important one as they have played a great and important part in India’s struggle for independence and in the field of business and economy. On Navroz, Parsis celebrate their New Year by cleaning their homes and starting afresh in life. This day is the day of repentance for Parsis as they ask for forgiveness for their mistakes and sins committed in the past year and visit the Fire temple to pray to their almighty. Parsis wear new clothes and prepare a sumptuous and delectable feast with all the traditional food of their culture.

Happy Navroz 2018: Know The Significance Of Persian And Iranian New Year

Happy Navroz 2018: Know The Significance Of Persian And Iranian New Year

Parsi belong to the Zoroastrian religion, which is founded by Zoroaster in ancient Persia. On this day, Parsis wear vests, gara sarees, dugless and ornaments. They decorate their homes with colorful flowers and rangolis, in which the motif of a fish is used. Today on Navroz, many leaders and celebrities took to Twitter to extend their wishes for the Parsi New Year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his wishes

President Ram Nath Kovind wished everyone on Navroz

President of the BJP wished Navroz Mubarak

Minister of Railways of India, Piyush Goel also wished the Parsi community on Navroz

The Parsi New Year in India is celebrated 200 days after as the Shahenshahi calendar that they follow do not account for leap years. The Zoroastrians of India and Pakistan celebrate Navroz as the Jamshed-i-Nouroz.