A promise is a sign of love and trust towards your partner. The mood of romance is already over everyone’s head. The fifth important day of Valentine’s week i.e. February 11, celebrated as Promise day. A day of no expectations and demands but just a promise to selflessly love each other till eternity. These sweet and meaningful promises give surety to your beloved partner that you will never break their trust no matter what. These promises strengthen the relationships forever. Promise day gives you the opportunity to say whatever you are trying to say for a really long time. So, get up our lovers, and say whatever you are holding back, go make a promise to your partner and show your dedication towards your relationship.Also Read - 6 Golden Rules While Looking For a Life Partner

Proposing someone is quite easy but giving them the commitment for the rest of your life is really important. We all see commitment issues in relationships these days, so here is a chance for you to now get those commitments done. This day has an emotional value in itself. The promises are made to stay together, to never break your partner’s trust, and to be there for each other in every dark phase of life. Also Read - Are You in a Healthy Relationship With Your Partner? 5 Red Flags That Tell You 'It's Time to Get Out'

Promise day is the best occasion to promise never-ending love but why only do promises? Let’s do something different this promise day and make it unforgettable. Here are some gift ideas to help you make this promise day more fun and exciting for y’all. Also Read - 5 Most Trustworthy Zodiac Signs Who Will Never Betray You

How to make this Promise Day Special

Promise Ring:

Promise rings are really trending among Gen Z even more than the engagement rings. If you guys are really serious about your relationship, if you are really dedicated towards your partner and promised them to stay faithful forever, then why not put a ring on it. Offering your partner a promise ring will symbolize your eternal love for them that will nourish your affection, care, dedication, and faith over time.


This is something unique to gift to your partner and no one else can take your thunder by gifting this. Make an impact on your partner and promise them to fill their life with light and spark by gifting them the promise candle. Scented candles are a big mood these days and a gorgeous scented candle that says ‘ I promise to be with you forever’ is the cherry on top. It will surely put a big smile on your partner’s face.

Love Plaque:

Love is a beautiful feeling. It lets you get your madness out for someone. What could be better than a wooden plaque with your feelings carved on it so the promise won’t break and be alive forever. The best way to show your partner how madly you are in love with them.

Flower Bouquet:

Flowers sound a bit common but they are considered the best gifts that fit in every situation and occasion. So why not gift a huge flower bouquet to your lover? The magnificent beauty of the blossoms will entice your partner’s senses to the core and will surely put a big smile on their face.

Forever Cushion:

Love cushions can be a bit cheesy but it is also the best way to offer them the comfort of your love. This could be the best gift to do a ‘pinky promise’ to your partner so that when you won’t be there still they won’t feel your absence. Waking up every morning to that cushion will put a big smile on your partner’s face.