The auspicious festival of Ramadan or Ramzan is finally here. During this holy month, Muslims across the world fast for almost a month without drinking water and eating food until sunset. They keep rozas every day as their devotion to their god. This year, in India, the Ramadan moon will be seen on April 24 i.e. Friday and the festival will go on till May 23. During the festival of Ramadan or Ramzan, here are 10 interesting facts about the auspicious festival of Ramadan. Also Read - Ramadan 2020: Religious Story Behind Muslims' Holy Month of Fasting

1-The beginning of Ramadan is determined by the moon: The beginning of Ramadan can be different in different time zones as it all depends on the moon sighting. Even the date can be different as some Islam functions that depend on a lunar calendar don’t match up with the solar calendar. Also Read - Ramadan 2020 Saudi Arabia Date: Crescent Moon Likely to be Sighted on Thursday, Ramadan to Begin From Friday

2-Muslims across the globe fast during the entire Ramadan month: During this holy month, Muslims from around the world keep rozas irrespective of their Race, Color, Nationality, or Ethnicity. They stay away from other pleasures like music and movies as well. Also Read - Ramadan Mubarak 2020: Ramzan Mubarak Greetings, WhatsApp, Facebook Messages, GiFs to Wish Your Loved Ones

3-The fasting during Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islamic culture: The major religious practice and belief during this holy month is the fast which is one of the main pillars along with Salat (prayer), Shahada (an affirmation that there is no deity besides God and his prophet Muhammed), Zakat (charity) and Hajj (taking at least a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca).

4–It was during Ramadan that the first verses of Quran was revealed: It is strongly believed that Allah revealed the first verses of Islam during Ramadan.

5–Purpose of Ramadan: The purpose of fasting during Ramadan is to stay away from pleasures, refrain from water and food until sunset and spend most of the time praying to Allah.

6–It is not mandatory for kids to fast: It is not important for the children to keep the roza during Ramadan.

7–One can eat only before sunrise and after sunset: All the people observing fast can eat either before sunrise or after the sunset.

8–There is no penalty for unintentionally breaking the fast: If there is a health concern, then a person is asked to discontinue the fast as health matters more.

9–EID-UL- FITR: At the end of Ramadan, this festival will be celebrated across the globe to mark the end of the holy month.

10–Exclusions from the fast: Pregnant woman, physically and mentally ill or women who are menstruating are exempted from the fast.