New Delhi: With the sighting of the crescent moon in India on Friday, Muslims around the country will now start the fasting for the month-long festival Ramadan from tomorrow. While the states of Karnataka and Kerala sighted the moon on Thursday, moon was not sighted in major parts of the country. Also Read - Ramadan 2020 India Date: Moon Sighted in Kozhikode, Kerala to Observe First Fast on Friday

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest shrines, too confirmed the moon sighting on Thursday and it was announced that Friday, April 24, will be the first day of Ramadan 2020. Most Arab countries including Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Bahrain have also announced Friday as the first day of Ramadan. Also Read - Ramadan 2020 Saudi Arabia Update: Crescent Moon Sighted, KSA to Begin Fasting From April 24

About Ramadan

According to Muslim beliefs, it was during Ramadan, precisely on the night of Laylat al-Qadr that the Quran was first revealed to mankind. The festival is celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and occurs approximately 11 days earlier every year depending on when the moon is sighted and hence, varies from country to country.

During this holy period, followers of the Islamic faith practice self-restraint as they observe a 30-day fasting period from dawn to dusk. After the month of fasting is over, Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated, which the community observes with great joy and fervour.

However, this year, while in the midst of a pandemic, Ramadan will be quite different and will require more discipline and patience.

In the view of the pandemic, Islamic committees and leaders across the globe have urged the community to offer their prayers at home and avoid congregating or venturing out of their homes. Get-togethers and evening Iftar parties, will take on a virtual avatar while mosques will live stream their services.

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