Yoga guru and founder of Isha Foundation, Sadhguru called on humanity to embrace Yoga. On the International Day of Yoga 2020, he emphasized on “the technology of self-transformation” and to “become joyful, wonderful and impactful human beings in this world”. The Isha Foundation usually observes International Yoga Day with long-day programs worldwide where millions of people participate. This year with COVID-19 pandemic, no programs with mass gathering have been scheduled anywhere in the world. In fact, Isha Foundation has released several videos online during the lockdown period to offer simple yoga asanas that have a profound impact on the human system.Also Read - International Yoga Day 2020: Celebrate The Day Virtually This Year And Share These Motivational Quotes With Friends And Family

Speaking about Yoga during the rimes of coronavirus pandemic, Sadhguru said, “Right now, a whole lot of studies are saying that during this moment of pandemic and post this pandemic situation, one of the biggest challenges will be the psychological crisis that human beings will face. Well, when a problem is thrown at us, we should not become a problem. This is very very important. The simple yogic processes that we are offering you for this International Yoga Day has the power to liberate you from this and also enhance your immune system in a significant way. There are enough studies to show this Also Read - International Yoga Day 2020: Why Practising Yoga is Significant During COVID-19 Pandemic?

He asked people to not only adopt the practices but also teach yoga asanas to others around them. He said, “I would like every one of you to experience this – not only experience this, be instruments of offering this to a large number of people.” Also Read - International Yoga Day 2020: 'Yoga Helps Boosting The Confidence to Deal With Adverse Situations', Says PM Modi

On this day, Isha is offering free webinars that include simple yogic tools to manage one’s body, mind, and emotions. The Yoga sessions include Respiratory Health (Simha Kriya), Introduction to Inner Engineering, and other guided meditations like Chit Shakti meditations and Isha Kriya.

Speaking about urging people to enhance their physical fitness, mental health, emotional balance and professional competence especially during the post-pandemic world, he said, “Whenever there is an external crisis in their lives whether on the personal sphere or in the society in the nation or in the world, most human beings create an emotional and a psychological crisis within themselves.  When life around us goes into a crisis mode, it is most important that we as human beings function at our best – our physical self, our intellect, our emotional balance – everything should be at its best. Our innate wisdom must function now because now there is a crisis outside, you cannot afford to create a crisis within you. It is beyond religion, it is beyond your philosophies and ideologies. It is the technology for self-transformation.”