Shankaracharya Jayanti, which falls on April 28, is one of the most auspicious festivals of the Hindu calendar. Shankaracharya Jayanti is marked and observed as the birth anniversary of Adi Shankara who is believed to be one of the most honoured spiritual gurus and philosophers of India. The fifth day (Panchami Tithi) in the Hindu month of Vaishakh, Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the Moon) is marked and observed as Shankaracharya Jayanti. According to Hindu mythology, Adi Shankara is an incarnation of Lord Shiva in the form of a human.

Adi Shankara is known to have traveled the whole world and is also given the credits for reviving Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) through his philosophy and spiritual guidance. He died at the age of 32 and is known to be one of the greatest philosophers in the world.


Shankaracharya Jayanti is known to be one of the holiest and auspicious days in the Hindu calendar and the Sanatan Dharma as it marks the anniversary of Adi Shankara, the biggest Indian philosopher who was also known as Jagathguru or Bhagavatpada Acharya. He is known for his major contribution to the spiritual realisation of Hinduism.


This year, it marks the 1232nd birth anniversary of Indian philosopher and Guru Adi Shankara will be celebrated on the Panchami tithi, which falls on April 28 this year. The tithi begins at 2:29 pm on April 27 and ends at 3:07 pm on April 28. When a tithi falls between two days, it is celebrated on the day which observes the sunset.