Sita Jayanti or Sita Navami marks the birth anniversary of goddess Sita. She is the Hindu Goddess who denotes good fortune, prosperity, happiness and considered the epitome of conjugal and feminine qualities.

It is celebrated as per the Hindu in the month of Vaisakha Calendar during Shukla Paksha which generally falls in April or May as per the Gregorian calendar. Sita is believed to be the adopted daughter of King Janaka and Queen Sunanina of Mithila, sister to Urmila and cousins Manadavi and Shrutakiri. She is idolized for her sacrifice, pureness, strength and more. According to Ramayana, she was found by King Janaka in a ploughed field and he named her Sita as that translates to a furrow. She is belieevd to the an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and also known as Bhumi Devi as she was found on the earth.

Sita Jayanti holds special significance for married women, on this day they fast for long lives for their husbands. She has many names mainly Janaki, Vaidehi, Bhoomija etc.She got married to lord Rama during a swayamvar that was kept by her father to find her an eligible match. It is belieevd that fasting on this day will lead to a happy married life.

There are numerous rituals that can be followed on this day like Worshipping Lord Rama, Laxman and Goddess Sita. One can even worship King Janaka and his wife Sunanina. Since Sita was also known as Bhumi Devi, the earth is also worshipped.Sesame seeds, barley, satvik fruits are offered in prayers and as a prasad post the puja. Devotees also singh religious songs to mark this auspicious day.

The puja mahurat or auspicious timing for this year is 11:21 AM to 13:52 PM and the tithi begins on 23rd April 14:16 PM until 24th April 12:25 PM.