Our planet has become so polluted that various habitats are getting destroyed, evident from the various calamities that are being reported from around the world. Pollution that arises from industries, from the vehicles and appliances that we use is harming and destroying our environment. On the third anniversary of World Bicycle Day, we take a look at how using a bicycle would be beneficial for our environment. Also Read - World Bicycle Day 2020: Founding, Significance And How we Can Celebrate The Day

The United Nations General Assembly had in April 2018 declared June 3 as World Bicycle Day after a rigorous campaign that was led by Professor Leszek Sibilski of the US and his Sociology class. The day was commemorated to recognise how the bicycle is a sustainable means of transport because of its simplicity, affordability, reliability, cleanliness and its benefit for the environment. Also Read - World Bicycle Day 2020: How Cycling Keeps You Fit And Increases Longevity?

How Using a Bicycle Benefits Our Environment:

While riding your bicycle can be beneficial for health, social life, the economy, the main thing is it would greatly help our environment. Riding your cycle more and using your car less would mean less emission of vehicular pollution which is harmful not only to the environment but for our health.

Our ozone layer, which absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation, can better protect us if we use bicycles which do not produce harmful chemicals like vehicles. Bicycles also help in reducing noise pollution and congestion, caused by the many cars that keep emerging on the roads. A bicycle does not emit greenhouse gases, so you would not be releasing harmful pollutants into the environment.

Apart from reducing your ecological footprint, riding a bicycle would mean reducing the number of parking spaces that would be required for cars. As a bicycle would not require much space for parking, it would mean saving more green areas from being covered in asphalt. More roads would not have to be built to accommodate the cars, as a bicycle does not require much track to move on.