The second Saturday of September is observed as World First Aid Day, this day is celebrated to raise awareness about first aid. The day was first observed in 2000 by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). The World First Aid Day theme for 2020 is ‘First aid saves lives.’ It is an annual campaign to promote the importance of first aid training in order to prevent injuries and saving lives.

IFRC says that first is a humanitarian act that should be accessible to everyone. Learning first aid skills as volunteers and communities can help save many lives without any discrimination.

Understanding the significance: We are often under the perception that first aid assistance is given to an injured person who has minor injuries, but Red Cross says First Aid is not a replacement for any emergency services but it an initial step that provides effective action that can help to reduce serious injuries and improve the chances of survival. Red Cross further states that millions of people around the world are hurt or killed by accidents every year due to lack of assistance. By taking immediate measures and appropriate techniques can improve the chances of survival while waiting for professional help.

First Aid is an essential skill that can help in reducing vulnerabilities and save lives.

History: The history of first aid is around 160 years ago old, on 24 June 1859, a young businessman from Geneva, Henry Dunant witnessed the horrifying suffering after the battle of Solferino. His book, Memoirs of Solfrino, led to the formation of ICRC and he later became the co-founder of the Red Cross.

Learning first aid skill is the need of the hour, it gives one skill to respond to a wide range of emergencies, including house or car accidents. You can learn first aid skills by taking this online course.