When travelling anywhere in the world people usually take a map along to help figure out where exactly they are and not lose their way. In an almost similar way, ships or boats take the aid of hydrography when sailing in the big vast oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. As World Hydrography Day approaches, we take a look at the history and significance of the day and the all round support it gives. Also Read - World Day to Combat Desertification And Drought 2020: What Are The Problems Faced And Techniques to Reverse Effect

Where hydrography is concerned, it deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers. Apart from that, it also predicts their change over time for the primary purpose of safety of navigation and in support of all other marine activities. The support it gives is also important for economic development, security and defense, scientific research, and environmental protection. Also Read - World Sauntering Day 2020: All About The Most Chilled Out Day Ever Created

History of World Hydrography Day:

Hydrography has its origins in the making of charts to aid navigation by individual mariners as they navigated new waters, and they were usually private property. In 1921, the International Hydrographic Bureau was established with the purpose of providing a mechanism for consultation between governments on matters like safe navigation, technical standards and the protection of the marine environment. In 1970 the name was changed to the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). Also Read - World Day to Combat Desertification And Drought 2020: History And Significance of The Day

The IHO came up with the idea of a World Hydrography Day in 2005, and it was welcomed by the United Nations General Assembly in resolution A/RES/60/30 Oceans and the law of the sea. The date chosen to mark the day is the anniversary of the founding of the International Hydrographic Organization.

Significance of World Hydrography Day:

The main aim of the annual celebration is to publicise the work of hydrographers and make the public aware about the importance of hydrography. Each year a theme is chosen and activity programs and events that highlight it are developed. This year the theme is ‘Hydrography – enabling autonomous technologies’ which highlights the pivotal role of hydrography in autonomous technologies.