There are many displaced people around the world living their lives as refugees after having to flee the country they used to call home. In a bid to highlight their plight, a day titled World Refugee Day was dedicated to them and it was marked every year on June 20. This year, the theme is ‘Every Action Counts’, and it aims to remind people hat everyone, including refugees, can contribute to the effort of creating a more just, inclusive, and equal world. Also Read - World Refugee Day 2020: What Are The Rights of Refugees

In honour of the day, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, along with Twitter and 22-year-old Ivorian artist O’Plérou Grebet have joined hands to launch a 2020 World Refugee Day emoji. The emoji has two hands linked together in the shape of a heart, symbolising solidarity and diversity. Also Read - World Refugee Day 2020: History And Significance Of The Day And Theme For This Year

The 2020 World Refugee Day emoji will be activated by Twitter with the hashtags #WorldRefugeeDay, #RefugeeDay and #WithRefugees in 12 languages and will be live until June 23.

Twitter’s head of Public Policy, Government and Philanthropy for Middle East and North Africa, George Salama, was quoted by UNHCR as saying, “Twitter was created so that anyone, anywhere, can answer the question ‘What’s happening?’ In doing so, it has become a place for global communities including journalists, human rights activists and citizens to connect on issues that matter, share information, and speak truth to power.

“On #WorldRefugeeDay, we are proud to continue our partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, with the creation of this emoji, which aims to generate awareness through the power of the service, to demonstrate solidarity and to honour the resilience of refugees worldwide.”

O’Plérou, who designed the emoji, is passionate about bringing attention to the plight of refugees around the world. He said, “Refugees are people just like us. Through my work, I try to showcase diversity so we can better understand each other and achieve greater solidarity.”

The young designer had made headlines in 2019 after he created 365 emojis to portray the beauty of West African culture and combat negative stereotypes. He was also named in Forbes’ Africa 30 Under 30 list.