There are many days that have been earmarked to highlight a disease, sport, parents, children, grandparents, love, environment, etc., each equally important in their own rights. However, there are also some days that are not very well known but which are just as important, though some might not take them seriously. The day we are taking about is World Sauntering Day 2020 which takes place on June 19 of every year. Also Read - World Sickle Cell Awareness Day 2020: All You Need to Know About Importance of The Day

As the world around us moves at a quickened pace, not stopping for even just a second, we too try to keep up with it by dashing through the day at top speed. So much in a haste we are that we turn a relaxing walk into almost a trot and see nothing of the world around us. So for people who do not have time to take a break from their busy schedule, World Sauntering Day would be the most ideal day for them. Also Read - World Day to Combat Desertification And Drought 2020: History And Significance of The Day

History of World Sauntering Day:

The day came about when WT Rabe, in response to the growing popularity of jogging, decided to start a day that would remind people and encourage them to slow down, instead of rush through life. First of all, the term saunter means to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, and it is believed to have started at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan, USA. The day is also referred to as International Sauntering Day. Also Read - Father's Day 2020: How The Day Came About And Why it is Celebrated All Over The World

Significance of World Sauntering Day:

The day is held to encourage people and to highlight the importance of walking at a leisurely pace, to slow down and not rush. Instead of jogging, which involves a lot of straining, sauntering can help a person relax and truly enjoy the walk. It helps to lighten the burden a person is carrying on his or her shoulders just by the act of walking purposefully, and it is meditative and contemplative.

So head out into the world with a deeply relaxed air, a moment of pure clarity and joy, while taking in and enjoying the beautiful world and everything it has to offer.