Fall is officially upon us! While temperatures drop, you can stay warm with these soups. They’ll warm you and be the perfect any time of the day meal. You can make of them at home or pick them up at your favorite restaurant. If you have a recipe that you love for any of these soups, please share in the comments!

1. Ginger Parsnip Soup

Talk about something flavorful and with the right amount of spice. With the parsnip, you get a peppery flavor that just feels so right on a fall night. Get some in bulk and eat it all day. Also if you like sour cream, scoop a dollop into your hot soup and you’ll be in love with the blend of hot and cold flavors.

2. Chicken Soup

Okay, this soup works year around but what works better than a dinner and a comfort food on a cool night? Get your favorite soup and watch your favorite TV show. Whip out mom’s age-old recipe for the perfect chicken soup and settle down in front of the television with the family.

3. Minestrone Soup

What soup could be better than a soup that encompasses some veggies that come with a fall harvest? It’s a soup with pasta and vegetables in a tomato broth that feels hearty.

4. Leek And Potato Soup

I had leek and potato soup first in England and I couldn’t stop. It’s such a hearty delicious soup—practically forbidden indulgence. If you feel like the comfort of potatoes, go ahead!

5. Butternut Squash Soup

Yummmmmy. This soup has nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and all the right spices to feel like fall. In fact, it’s fall in a bowl! Try the sour cream dollop in this soup too.

6. Tomato Basil Soup

There’s nothing quite like a well-made tomato soup with a side of grilled cheese. I’m not talking about the tomato soup that tastes like a tin can but a rich flavor that has a basil note. It’ll be delicious.

7. French Onion Soup

French onion soup is delicious and if you’re a vegetarian or don’t eat beef there is a meat-less option as well. In fact, in France, the stock for the soup is not made with beef. What’s better than heaps of cheese and croutons?! Nothing. It’s yummy, go do it.

8. Pho

Pho is so good year around but especially in the fall as a hearty soup that you can have and have leftovers the next day!

9. Split Pea Soup

This soup is good with a side of toast. It’s simple and clean and perfect for an evening. It’s got a great creamy texture and pretty good stand alone but if you feel like you need more spice, add some pepper into the soup.

10. Clam Chowder

This soup is also a staple all around. It feels like home and can be a great option on a weeknight, especially if you live in the New England area! Don’t forget the oyster crackers with this soup, it adds a nice crunch!