Refrigerators keep our foods safe from pathogens that may spoil them but that’s not true with all kinds of food. Some foods like raw meat and a few vegetables require the extremely low temperature to be in good condition. But everything does not require a colder region to thrive best. In fact, keeping them in the refrigerator would make them rot easily. To avoid wastage of food, you must beware of what to store in the refrigerator and what not to. Let’s know about certain foods whose ideal place is not your refrigerator. Also Read - No Free Food, Cab drop to COVID-19 Patients in Assam, State Has no Money For Freebies


You should only keep the fully ripe tomatoes in the refrigerator and that too after putting them in a plastic bag. Unripe once should be stored at room temperature otherwise, they will lose their flavour. Do not forget to take out the ripe tomato at least 30 minutes before using them. Also Read - Onions For Weight Loss: Most Effective Ways to Have This Food to Get Body of Your Dreams


Garlic does not require moisture to be safe. They are in their best condition when kept at room temperature in a dry place with good air circulation. Garlic deteriorates easily and quickly when kept in a refrigerator.


Potatoes lose their texture when kept in a refrigerator. They are best at room temperature. Cold temperature turns the starch present in potatoes into sugar.


Putting nuts in a refrigerator would ruin their flavour and may also absorb the odour of other foods. It is better to keep them in an airtight container.


Unripe avocado should not be kept in a refrigerator as the cold temperature would delay the ripening process.