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Coffee is a popular morning, midday or any time of day beverage that most people rely on when they feel low on energy. Think of all the cups of cappuccinos, frappes and lattes that you have consumed all these years and you might realize how much you love your daily dose of caffeine. Also Read - 'Feel Liberated' by Finely Crushing Chutney? Nutrition Expert Rujuta Diwekar's Latest Tweet Gets Twitter Divided Over Gender Roles-Stereotypes

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You are staying up all night to study for an exam the next morning? Coffee again.

You need some oomph and energy to get going? Of course, you would opt for another cup of joe.

However, have you ever wondered whether caffeine really has beneficial effects on our body and concentration mechanisms?

According to registered dietician Lauren Schmitt, coffee does add a little bit of vigor, but it does not boost one’s attention. The key ingredient of coffee is caffeine that acts as a stimulant for our nervous systems and gives us a false feeling of energy, which can later make us feel edgy and restless.

Caffeine also tends to have negative effects on a few people who might experience stomach aches or queasiness by its intake.

But you need not worry, because there are many other beneficial alternative options to coffee that can help you feel energized on-the-go, and consequently,  act as better pick-me-ups than the huge amounts of caffeine that you have been addicted to.

Below are some effective ways to boost your energy and feel dynamic throughout the day:

1. Drink lots of water: Being hydrated aids in improving concentration. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day is a must, especially during the afternoon slump. You can also eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content, like watermelons, cucumbers, lettuce or tomatoes.

2. Chew gum: Bet you never thought chewing gum could revitalize your body, did you? But the act of chewing gum is a great stimulant for the autonomic nervous system which increases alertness. Popping a piece of gum increases your heart rate, thereby boosting blood flow to your brain.

3. Turn more lights on: Lightening up awakens your brain and some lights can give you a better afternoon wake-up call than the cup of joe you would normally intake. If you are sitting in a dark room, you will be more prone to feelings of despair. Instead, opt for more lights at your desk or home and feel the energy flow in.

4. Walk More: Nearly any kind of physical activity helps to pump your blood and heighten the brain’s functionality. Walking, running, jumping or dancing —  do whatever you are comfortable with and you will discover renewed energy.

5. Listen to Music: Listen to some upbeat music or your favorite playlist that can pull you up when you are feeling drowsy and jaded. Maybe sing along, energize your spirits and feel free for a while.

6. Eat smaller meals: We all know how eating too much at a time can make us feel heavy-eyed and sleepy. Take your essential vitamins, eat the right snacks, reduce your sugar intake and invest in some herbal supplements like ginseng, kelp or cinnamon.

7. Massage your ears: Try applying pressure to the outer rim of your ears and you will feel energized, because of the acupuncture meridians located in your ears. So, even though the idea might sound a little lopsided, it does work to give you some much-needed oomph.