Actor Akshay Kumar during an Instagram live chat with adventurer and Into the Wild host Bear Grylls and Huma Qureshi to everyone’s utter shock revealed that he ‘drinks cow urine every day’. You read that right!Also Read - Into The Wild Trailer: Ajay Devgn-Bear Grylls Take You On the Spine-Chilling Adventure at the Indian Ocean

Akshay shot an episode for Into The Wild With Bear Grylls shot at Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve. Akshay undertook several tasks and showed his survival strategies while living in the jungle. He also drank ‘Elephant poo tea’ during the episode. During the Instagram live, actress Huma Qureshi asked Grylls about how he convinced Akshay to drink elephant poo tea, to which the actor responded that he was not worried at all about drinking the poop tea. “I was too excited…you see I have, because of Ayurvedic reasons I have had cow’s urine every day, I drank. So this was okay.” Also Read - Vicky Kaushal To Go On Adventurous Ride With Bear Grylls in Maldives - Deets Inside

Reacting to Kumar’s statement, Grylls said “not many of my guests say that.” Also Read - Into The Wild With Bear Grylls: Ajay Devgn To Go On Adventurous Ride With The Host | Deets Inside

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Akshay revealed that he consumes cow urine for Ayurvedic reasons. While we know Akshay as someone who is a martial art expert and someone who leads a disciplined life, this revelation came by as a surprise.

So, what are the benefits of drinking cow urine? There are many health benefits of drinking cow urine:

• It can help you in curing leprosy, abdominal colic pain, bloating.
• It can treat fever, just mix it with black pepper, yogurt, and ghee.
• Can treat anemia. Mix the urine with Triphala, and cow milk.
• It can also cure peptic ulcer, asthma, and certain liver ailments.
• It purifies toxins from inside.
• One can use cow urine as cosmetic products too, they can be used as soaps and shampoos.

Did you know? The use of cow urine for treating ailments has a long history in Indian culture. Drinking urine of a pregnant cow is special, as it contains minerals and hormones, according to a report by Times Now.