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We could all use a little inspiration in the kitchen, whether it be a beautiful picture of delicious, steaming hot food or an easy three-step recipe to give us the will to get off the couch and the confidence to try something new.

Updated: February 6, 2015 10:54 PM IST

By Jennifer Kadenkavil

vegan richa

We could all use a little inspiration in the kitchen, whether it be a beautiful picture of delicious, steaming hot food or an easy three-step recipe to give us the will to get off the couch and the confidence to try something new.

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When you have that particular craving for some authentic food, you need the help of some of the best South Asian food bloggers to guide you through. Enter: five food bloggers with traditional and fusion recipes that will make your mouth water and stomach growl. From sweet chai-spiced donuts to slow cooker dal makhani, these women have you covered.

1. Vegan Richa

vegan richaPhoto Source:

Meet Richa, a resident of Seattle, who was born and raised in India. Her blog offers a unique mix of Indian dishes and baking recipes and chronicles Richa’s changes in diet and lifestyle. She has been following a plant-based diet since 2010.

Reasons to Follow

  • Her blog/food philosophy. If you are a fan of raw and vegan diets or appreciate the general willpower and discipline it takes to follow those lifestyles, you’ll appreciate her blog philosophy: “eating plants till we photosynthesize!” Since 2010, Richa has been following a plant-based diet, and her older archived recipes have substitutions to fit different diet needs.
  • She’s been in the game for a while. Richa has been blogging since 2009, and she has over 600 recipes on her blog. Her focus has shifted more toward baking with the aim to reduce the fat and sugar required in most baked goods, which is something we can all get behind.
  • Her recipes are not only delicious, but also easy to replicate. Her beautiful step-by-step photos inspire you to put that take-out menu down and get into the kitchen.

Recipes to Try

1. Potato Quinoa Patties With Chickpea Curry

2. Dal Tadka in a Jar

3. Quinoa Cauliflower Biryani

4. Wheat potato Peanut Burgers

5. Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll

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2. Recipris

reciprisPhoto Source:

Meet Pri, the California-native and dancer/attorney/cook, breaks down complicated traditional Indian recipes for novice cooks. Never classically trained, she picked up her knack for cooking and developing Asian and American recipes from her parents and in-laws. Pri is a life-long vegetarian, so you won’t find any mention of meat, chicken broth or fish sauce on her blog.

Reasons to Follow:

  • The wide array of cuisines. Pri’s blog is an inspiration board of carefully curated Indian, Italian and Asian recipes. Go to her page of colorful international cuisines to pick your next culinary experiment, props to you if you can pick only one recipe to try.
  • She is not a professional, so her directions and cooking style are perfectly uncomplicated.
  • She believes caring is sharing, even when it comes to precious family cooking secrets. If you want an easy-to-follow traditional Indian recipe and are craving a quick Italian side, this blog is for you.
  • Plus she does include some pun jokes and links to entertaining videos. Sorry, I’m a sucker for food humor—who doesn’t want to be entertained while they cook?

“Recipris” to Try:

1. Baked Samosas

2. Paneer Tikka Masala

3. Daal Poore (Lentil Pancakes)

4. Tofu & Black Bean Tacos

5. Panang Curry

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3.  Quirk Kitchen

quirky kitchenPhoto Source:

Meet Kaif, she is on a self-proclaimed journey of flavor, colors and gastronomy. She was born in Hyderabad, India, raised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and then immigrated to Toronto, Canada. She and her family are on a mission to cut down their refined sugar intake and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Reasons to Follow

  • Her recipes are intertwined with lessons about religion and culture, which make the posts an interesting read.
  • Quirk Kitchen is strictly halal. Kaif does not use pork, alcohol and non-dhabiha food. While Kaif suggests that this could be limiting, it puts a different spin on her recipes.
  • She has some inventive recipes up her sleeve, like beetroot gnocchi and chai shortbread biscuits.

Recipes to Try

1. Chai Shortbread Biscuits

2. Can’t Believe it Aint’ Butter Chicken

3. The Maharani

4. Old Fashioned Chai Spiced Doughnuts

5. Beetroot Gnocchi with Creamy Tomato Mushroom Sauce  

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4. The Novice Housewife

the novice housewifePhoto Source:

Meet Shumaila, who currently lives in India. She created the blog as a means to document her culinary journey after she moved to a town that had limited dining options. She cooked her way out of it with tasty experiments in chocolate mousse cakes and garam masala samosas. She claims to make the best samosas you will ever have.

Reasons to Follow:

  • Shumaila uses meat in her recipes, mostly chicken. Her  unique spice blends give chicken complex flavors, solving your bland grilled chicken problems.
  • She believes in a slow cooker! This blog is for working people, who desperately rely on slow cooker technology to get a dinner together.
  • Her blog features vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free recipes.

Recipes to Try:

1. Samosas Revisited

2. Vegan, Sugar Free, Gluten Free Date Truffles

3.  Slow Cooker Dal Makhani

4. Triple Layer Hazelnut Mocha Chocolate Mousse Cake

5. Angeeri Gobhi

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5. Playful Cooking

playful cookingPhoto Source:

Meet Kankana the food enthusiast, who developed a craving for food and love for cooking during work trips. Kankana describes her cooking style as nutritional with a bit of indulgence. Her recipes are filled with fresh ingredients that combine a diverse array of flavors.

Reasons to Follow

  • The amazing food photography. Even if you never try any of her delicious recipes, browse through the photos of beautifully photographed traditional dishes. Never has ava idili or goat curry looked so appetizing.
  • Kankana is the master of fusion cooking. Just look at the soba noodle with chimichurri and paneer or malai chicken tikka taco for proof.
  • She believes in the powers of homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt. Tiramisu, roasted strawberries and chocolate cake butterscotch are just a few featured flavors.

Recipes to Try

1. Soba Noodle with Chimichurri and Paneer

2. Chocolate Cake Butterscotch Ice Cream

3. Beetroot Arugula Quinoa

4. Malai Chicken Tikka Taco

5. Spicy Mutton Curry

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