Also known as cutlets or patties, Aloo Tikki is a popular Indian snack. It is prepared using boiled and mashed potatoes and a variety of Indian spices. Aloo Tikki is considered as one of the favorite street foods for the people of Delhi and Mumbai. You can have it with mint or tamarind Chutney. In some parts of the country, Aloo Tikki  is also served with Pav Buns topped with onions and Chutney. Also Read - Chilli Paneer Recipe: Here's How to Prepare This Indo-Chinese Dish at Home

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Preparation Time: 10min
Cook Time: 25min
Ready Time: 35min
Servings: 3


Potatoes – 3 nos
Coriander Leaves – 1 tbsp
Ginger – ½ inch
Green Chilli – 1 no
Red Chilli Powder – ¼ tsp
Coriander Powder – ½ tsp
Cumin Powder – ½ tsp
Chaat Masala Powder – ¼ tsp
Dry Mango Powder – ¼ tsp
Salt – To Taste
Corn Flour – 2 tbsp
Oil – To Shallow Fry”

How to Prepare Aloo Tikki

1. Wash and pressure cook the potatoes.

2. Remove the skin of the potatoes and mash them using a potato masher.

3. Refrigerate the mashed potatoes for 30 mins then take out.

4. Add finely chopped coriander leaves, green chilli and finely chopped or grated ginger.

5. Also add red chilli powder, coriander powder, chaat masala, dry mango powder, cumin powder and salt.

6. Add cornflour to bind the mixture.

7. Make equal sized Tikkis with the potato mixture using your hand.

8. Add oil in a pan and shallow fry the Tikkis on both sides by flipping them after one side is cooked.

9. Serve hot with Raita/mint Chutney/ tamarind Chutney.”