As the country slowly goes back to normalcy, beat the blues and the heat by sipping on some delicious homemade cocktails. One would think, summer is all about sunshine, tan lines, tall drinks, and if you’re lucky, a vacation or two, but as we stay home to stay safe, keep the spirits high by experimenting at your home bar.Also Read - Halloween 2020: This Halloween, Add A Spooky Twist to Your Cocktails

Salud Beverages Pvt. Ltd helps you with easy-to-make cocktails to beat the weekday blues.  Also Read - New Year Cocktail Recipe: How to Make Spiced Sangria

G&T 2.0 Cucumber

Cucumber Garnish

The Cucumber flavoured G&T 2.0 is an ode to an English afternoon in the Indian tropic. This captivating flavour is skilfully crafted with English Juniper along with succulent cucumbers and tonic to give you an invigorating experience with the beverage. The distinctive flavour of Cucumber and Juniper makes it crisp & fresh yet simple resulting in a refreshingly unique drink. The cucumber flavoured G&T 2.0 is a drink with a difference, whether you are at a pool party, picnic, or brunch, Salud’s G&T 2.0 is the perfect companion to change the way you party and celebrate life. Garnish the drink with a slice of cucumber. Also Read - Winter Special Cocktail recipes: How to Make Classic Whiskey Sour, Johny Mule and Smoked Cinnamon

Lemon Garnish G&T 2.0 Original

Lemon Garnish

Salud’s Original G&T 2.0 retains the original classic way that Gin is consumed with resplendent English Juniper, and the effervescence of Indian Tonic. The fresh flavour can transport you and gives you the most versatile drinking experience without pinching a hole in your pocket. Garnish the drink with lemon.

G&T 2.0 Lavender

Pepper garnish

This subtle French Lavender is crafted with Indian Tonic and English Juniper to provide a bright, lively and refreshing drink that is quite distinctive and almost ethereal. A classy yet modern take on a drink that feels like aromatherapy in a bottle. Garnish the drink with crushed black pepper.

Each one can be creative with their garnishes too!