Homemade peanut butter is a protein-rich delicious recipe. Peanut butter is a kid’s special recipe.  Peanut butter comes up with different variants like creamy peanut butter, honey roasted crunchy peanut butter. Prepare peanut butter easily at home in less than 30 minutes using this recipe. Peanut butter can be made just by using four ingredients if you want to have a creamy version, you can avoid adding the roasted peanuts at the end. Watch out the video of its recipe below. Also Read - Gulab Jamun Recipe: Here's How to Prepare This Heavenly Dessert at Home

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Preparation Time: 05 min
Cooking Time: 05 min
Ready Time: 10 min
Servings: 10 Also Read - Fried Chicken Recipe: Follow The Steps And Cook Restaurant Style Fried Chicken at Home


Roasted Peanut – 1 ½ Cups + ½ Cup
Groundnut Oil – 5 tbsp
Honey – 3 tbsp
Salt – ¼ tsp

How to Prepare Peanut Butter

1. Add ½ cup of peanut to a mixer grinder, pulse for a few times to get coarse peanuts. Keep it aside.

2. Add 1 ½ cups of peanut to a mixer grinder and grind it to smooth paste.

3. Add groundnut oil, honey, salt, and grind it again to get a creamy consistency.

4. In a mixing bowl, add the ground paste, coarse ground peanut, and mix well.

5. Store it in an air tightened container and use it whenever needed.