Macaroni salad is a popular summer dish. Its creamy texture and tangy taste can make you scream macaroni salad. You can have this easy to make side dish during lunch. To prepare this, you hardly need 10 minutes. This classic recipe may not seem super fancy but tastes delicious. So, what are you waiting for? Below, check out the video of the step-by-step recipe of macaroni salad provided by Cooktube and try it at home. Also Read - Lettuce Wraps Recipe: Here is How to Prepare This Scrumptious Snack

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Preparation Time: 10min
Ready Time: 10min
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Mayonnaise: ⅓ Cup
Tomato Ketchup: ¼ Cup
Salt & Pepper to taste
Red Chilli Powder: ¼ Tsp
Red Bell Pepper (chopped): ⅓ Cup
Yellow Bell Pepper (chopped): ⅓ Cup
Green Bell Pepper (chopped): ¼ Cup
Macaroni (boiled & drained): 3 Cups


Step 1
Take a large bowl and add ingredients including mayonnaise, ketchup, salt, pepper and red chilli powder. Mix them well.

Step 2
Next, add red, yellow and green bell pepper to the paste and mix again. Now, add the boiled macaroni to it and mix nicely to coat well with the dressing.

Step 3
The macaroni salad is ready. To serve, it, transfer the salad to a serving bowl and garnish with more bell peppers.