Mishti Doi, which translates to ‘sweet curd’ or yogurt, is a native dessert from the state of Bengal in India. This Mishti Doi recipe by Cooktube can be made with both sugar or jaggery and has a creamy texture because of the milk. Milk is first boiled with sugar and mixed in with caramel made from sugar. The milk and caramel mix is left to cool for a few minutes until it becomes warm and a few tablespoons of curd is added for the mix to ferment overnight in clay pots and set to form a creamy Bengali mishti doi. Do try this easy Mishti Doi recipe and enjoy with your family and friends. Also Read - Lemon Rice Recipe: This Simple Dish Can be Made in 15 Minutes, Just Follow The Steps Given

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Preparation Time: 5min
Cook Time: 10min
Ready Time: 15min
Servings: 6 Also Read - Keto Cauliflower Rice Recipe: Try Out This Dish That Comes With a Twist


500ml Milk
¼ Cup + ¼ Cup Sugar
2 Tbsp Curd
Nuts for garnish

How to Make:

Step 1

Heat milk in a saucepan over medium heat and bring to the boil. Add ¼ cup sugar, mix well and remove from heat. Keep aside.

Step 2

In another saucepan, add the remaining sugar and heat over medium heat to form a dark caramel. Remove from heat and add slowly to the milk. Mix well.

Step 3

Once the milk becomes a little cool, add the curd to the milk mixture, mix well and transfer the mishti doi to clay bowl.

Step 4

Cover and keep overnight in a warm corner.

Step 5

Once set, garnish with nuts and serve chilled.