Chicken Biryani is a popular Indian recipe that is widely consumed across all parts of the world. Every region has its own style of Biryani. Chicken Biryani is a delicious dish that can be made in many methods such as Hyderabadi style, Ambur style, Thalassery biryani, Dindigul style, etc. The easiest method is cooking in a pressure cooker, we used Basmati Rice in this recipe, you can also use Seeraga Samba Rice with water ratio accordingly. Watch the amazing chicken biryani recipe here: Also Read - Tawa Chana: Binge on This Tangy and Sumptuous Chickpea Recipe| WATCH

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Ingredients for Biryani Masala: Also Read - Drunk Men Set Roadside Hotel on Fire After it Refused to Serve them Chicken

Nutmeg – ¼ tsp
Cardamom – 3 nos
Black Peppercorns – ½ tsp
Cloves – 5
Cinnamon – 1 inch
Fennel seeds – ½ tsp
Kalpasi – ½ tsp

Ingredients for Marination:

Chicken – 500 grams
Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 ½ tbsp
Curd – 3 tbsp
Salt – To Taste
Turmeric – ¼ tsp
Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp
Biryani Masala – 1 tbsp
Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

Other Ingredients:

Bay Leaf – 1 no
Cardamom – 3 nos
Cloves – 4 nos
Cinnamon – 1 no
Star Anise – 1 no
Mace – 1 no
Basmati Rice – 2 Cups
Water – 3 Cups
Groundnut oil – 1 tbsp
Ghee – 2 tbsp
Onion – 1 no
Mint Leaves – ¼ Cup
Green Chilli – 1 no
Curd – ¼ Cup
Red Chilli Powder – ½ tsp
Biryani Masala – 1 tsp
Salt – To Taste

Recipe for butter chicken

1. Powder the ingredients mentioned under biryani masala in a blender. Keep aside.

2. Marinate Chicken with items mentioned under marination for 1 hour

3. Wash and soak the basmati rice for 30 minutes

4. In a pressure cooker, add groundnut oil and ghee. Add the whole spices.

5. Add finely chopped onion and cook until the colour of the onions changes to golden brown.

6. Add marinated chicken and cook until the chicken is half done on a low flame.

7. Add mint leaves, green chilli, chilli powder, curd, biryani masala and salt. Mix well.

8. Add soaked and drained basmati rice and 3 cups of water.

9. Pressure cook for 1 whistle and turn off the gas and do not open until the steam goes down.

10. Fluff the rice, serve it hot with raita.