Yoga consists of many powerful techniques which can be used by anybody in order to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga makes us more positive and helps us to overcome life’s hardships without getting too weighed down or anxious.Also Read - Breaking News LIVE: 4 Dead, 2 Injured as Wall Collapses After Cylinder Explosion in Andhra Pradesh

Himalayan Siddha, Grand Master Akshar shares five ways to control and reverse hypertension amid COVID. By making changes to your lifestyle and adopting the practice of yoga, you can easily manage hypertension. Also Read - 'Recovery Is Underway In Spite Of Headwinds', RBI Says In Annual Report 2021-22

Yoga Asanas

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5 Effective Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19


  • Start by stretching your legs out
  • Join your legs bringing your heels together
  • Keep your back straight
  • Tighten the muscles of your pelvis, thighs and calves
  •  Look ahead
  • Place your palms beside your hips on the floor to support your spine
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Hold this asana for 30 seconds


Urdhva Mukhi Marjari Asana

5 Effective Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19

Urdhva Mukhi Marjariasana

  •  Get down on your knees, place palms under shoulders and knees under hips
  • Inhale, curve your spine to lookup

Adho Mukhi Marjari Asana

5 Effective Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19

Adho Mukhi Marjari Asana

  •  Exhale, curve your spine to form an arch of the back and allow your neck to drop down
  • Focus your gaze towards your chest.

Meditation Builds Focus

The practice of meditation is a powerful weapon that allows us to stay grounded and fully present in the current moment. There are techniques such as Swaas and Aarambh Dhyan that build up our observation powers and help us to stay connected to our surrounding environment.

Seed Meditation

5 Yoga Asanas to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19

Seed Meditation

Beej Dhyan means ‘seed ‘or ‘origin’ and is also known as Aarambh Dhyan or Seed Meditation. This is a technique that lays the foundation for your meditation practice. This technique gives the practitioner the meditative energies that help him or her develop a meditative quality for the body.

Swaas Dhyan

5 Effective Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19


Be an observer of your flow of thoughts by not resisting them initially and letting them flow. Gradually, keep shifting your awareness to your breathing until you reach a point where your complete focus is on your inhalation and exhalation with your mind almost completely devoid of thoughts.

Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that needs to be channelized by the power of yoga and spirituality. Anger only hurts the person who experiences it. Find positive ways as an outlet for this emotion of anger. The solution to this lies in pursuing the path of yoga and spirituality. Through pranayama, asanas, meditation, and other yogic practices, we can help ourselves out in such situations.

Power of Pranayama

When we add a conscious effort to our breath and do it in a focussed way, it impacts each and every single organ, muscle, and system in the body. When the body becomes balanced; our thoughts, and actions become aligned. The breath relaxes the body and makes the body alert. Our emotions can be brought under control by our breathing.

Stay away from Stress

Yoga holds the key to any stress-related disorder with asanas for the body, pranayama for the breath, and meditation for the mind. Yoga helps you gain better control over your own body, mind, and soul thereby improving your response to challenges and hard times in life.

The practice of Yoga helps you become aware of your own body and breath. Through this strengthened connection to the self, you are better in synch with your mental well-being and this is part of the self-care process.