The major health concern has always been breast cancer. However, the awareness has increased as people have started to educate about the various possibilities and have also started to take precautions. They also have started to frequently visit their doctors. With proper diet, massages and regular exercise, you can detect the issues beforehand and take the precautionary steps.Also Read - 5 Effective Yoga Asanas to Prevent Breast Cancer

However, it is very important to know the correct ways. Here are some ways of keeping yourself healthy and reducing the chances of cancer. Also Read - Top Three Cancers in Women That We Must be Aware of


The area of the nipple and breast is very thin and sensitive. Hence, they need an extra layer of protection and lotion. It is very important to moisturise your breast area every day. By applying a thick layer of moisturiser, you will be protected from dryness and breast soreness. In case you develop any rashes or redness after applying the cream, change it immediately as it may not be suitable for your skin. Also Read - World Cancer Day 2021: Debunking Myths Related to Breast Cancer, Read on!


Several lymph nodes carry fluids around your breast. The fluid is called lymph, it helps in fighting illness. Massaging helps in de-stressing and opening all the blocked fluids. Apply your body lotion and massage in the direction of your heart for a few minutes. They help in relaxing and allowing breasts to breathe. While massaging, you can also examine your breast and take a self-exam.

Increase Vitamin Content

Studies have shown that a lot of women succumb to breast cancer because of a lack of Vitamin D. A low intake of vitamin D can lead to breast cancer in women. According to researches, an increase in vitamin D can result in an increased survival rate even if diagnosed with breast cancer. Vitamin D is good for health as well as prevents breast cancer. Do ensure to take a lot of food which is rich in Vitamin D.

Pick the Right Bra Size

Getting the right size bra is paramount. Studies say that a lot of women wear the wrong size of bra. Your breast tissue will start to stretch if they do not get enough support and the right fit. Next time you step out, measure your breast size and get the right fit. If you are a sports bra person, replace your sports bras every six months.

Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables

A well and balanced diet can protect you from breast cancer. Protein enriched fruits and vegetables can help you fight cancer. Dark coloured grapes are very nutritious. The skin of these grapes carry anti-cancer properties. They help you in protecting your skin from cancer. According to researches, an increase in physical activity can lead to a 10-30% of reduction in breast cancer.

In the end, you must take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and frequently check your body and in case of any confusion, contact your doctor immediately.