New Delhi:  It is important to keep yourself hydrated and cool when the mercury level is on the rise during summer in a bid to feel high on energy. The soaring temperature has the potential to make us feel dehydrated and lethargic. Hence, it is extremely pertinent to take extra care during the hot season. Also Read - Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water: Doctors Explain How it Helps in Easing After-Effects of COVID-19 Vaccination

By making right eating choices and following certain healthy lifestyle changes, we can beat the ill effects of the scorching sun on us. Also Read - Benefits of Coconut Water: Best For Weight Loss And Other Health-Beauty Problems

Here we have compiled a list of few cooling foods that you must add to your diet to keep going in summer. Also Read - 11 Simple foods to eat to stay naturally cool this intolerable summer!

Check them out here

  • Watermelon

Not only does it make your stomach cool, but also aids in weight loss. Watermelon contains 91.45 per cent water and hence, helps in fulfilling your body’s water requirement. Also, loaded with anti-oxidants properties, watermelon gives you a wonderful cooling effect during the summer.

  • Coconut water
Five Foods That You MUST Have to Keep Yourself Going in Summer

Coconut water helps you in weight loss too.

Undoubtedly, coconut water is the best summer drink. It is easy on the pocket and is also available in almost all fruit shops. Replete with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, coconut water is one of the best drinks to consume in summer. It has cooling properties that help you fight against the hot weather.

  • Cucumber
Five Foods That You MUST Have to Keep Yourself Going in Summer

Cucumber has a lot of cooling effect.

Replete with fibre, eating cucumber in summer helps in keeping constipation at bay. Yes, you heard us right! Cucumber also contains high amount of water content which helps you stay well hydrated. So, have this crunchier food and stay cool during this summer. Also, you can add this to your weight loss diet.

  • Curd
Five Foods That You MUST Have to Keep Yourself Going in Summer

To keep your stomach cool and light during summer, curd is one of the best food options available.

Curd is not only delicious but also gives a coolant effect to the body. Don’t you agree? Interestingly, you can have curd in different variants. Make spicy buttermilk, or sweet lassi. In fact, you can also make raita out of the fresh curd and eat it with your fresh hot parathas. Another option to eat curd is by adding seasonal fruits in it or by making lip-smacking smoothies. The choice is yours!

  • Mint
Five Foods That You MUST Have to Keep Yourself Going in Summer

Mint has a cooling effect.

This inexpensive herb is quite easily available with almost all vegetable vendors. Adding mint in curd, chaach or in raita could give you added health benefits. You can also prepare mint chutney, which is a common thing prepared and stored in almost all Indian households. Mint not only keeps your body temperature cool but also gives you a refreshing effect during this hot weather. Try it out!