5 Reasons How Koreans Are Always Healthy and Fit

Koreans have a healthy lifestyle as they maintain a strict diet routine along with regular exercise.


Weight Loss Tips: The craze of Korean music, movie, tv-show has now stepped up to another level. People are amazed by their culture, history and tradition. Korean people are always fit and healthy. This comes from their healthy lifestyle and diet intake.


Koreans are very particular and strict about their meal and diet. They make sure to balance their food content. For eg, they consume from carbs to fat to protein yet, they do not gain weight as they consume everything in a balanced proportion. They make sure to exercise every day and not overeat.

Koreans consume a lot of different varieties of vegetables. One of the reasons behind their healthy body is the consumption of vegetables. Vegetables are fibrous, wholesome and low in calories. They are really helpful in losing weight. The presence of fibre in vegetables keeps the body satiated and prevents from eating caloric food.

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All meals are accompanied by a side dish. They usually consist of fermented food. These food are good for the gut and help in improving digestive health. Along with it, this also helps in boosting immunity and losing weight.


Homemade food helps in shedding the extra kilos. Reasons for increasing weight can be due to consumption of processed, unhealthy and fast foods. They also increase the risk of developing chronic diseases. Korean people prefer eating food prepared at home as it is the best decision for a healthy body.

Seafood is considered a staple food in Korea. The inclusion of seaweed is the most common Korean food item. It is included in regular dishes and soups. Seaweed is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. They keep the stomach fuller for a longer duration.

Koreans prefer walking rather than travelling by public transport. An active lifestyle consists of walking, a healthy and balanced diet along with physical exercises. Koreans follow these with great sincerity and thus, they have a healthy lifestyle, especially Korean women.

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Published Date:October 21, 2021 6:31 PM IST

Updated Date:October 21, 2021 5:45 PM IST