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Sleep and I have a terrible relationship, like most Americans. Luckily for us there are hundreds of apps focused on helping us get more sleep a night. Sleep apps can help control environmental sounds, shift your mood before sleep and track your sleep cycle. Also Read - 'Feel Liberated' by Finely Crushing Chutney? Nutrition Expert Rujuta Diwekar's Latest Tweet Gets Twitter Divided Over Gender Roles-Stereotypes

Eventually, I hope that someone will invent an app with a button that will just put me to sleep instantaneously. But, in the interim, read below to learn about the different sleep apps in the market to help you understand how you sleep and how you can fall asleep faster. Also Read - Beware of These Common Food Additive in Desserts or be Ready For Long-Term Health Damage

Sleep with Ambient Sounds: Use Ambient Sounds to Fall Asleep Faster

Limiting environmental distractions with sound apps are one way to fall into a restful sleep with ease. Personally, ambient sounds are not for me, but many people cannot fall into a deep sleep without some high-quality background noise. No shame in that, although I prefer the musical styling’s of Jamal and Hakeem Lyon (of “Empire” fame), but to each their own.

1. Relax Melodies: Sleep zen sounds

Relax Melodies offers custom mixes of sounds from 50 ambient sounds, two binaural beat frequencies and four brainwave beats. You can mix up to 10 sounds all together with individual volume adjustment for each sound. Use the timer feature to fall asleep faster and wake up more rested.

Price: Free (premium version $2.99). Available on iPhone and Android.

2. Sleep Pillow

This app offers 70 naturally recorded sounds and up to 300,000 sound mixes. Some of their sounds include light rain, garden fountain, gentle beach waves, luxury car ride (probably the strangest option) and wind chimes.

Snooze with a Clear Head: Practice Deep Breathing and Hypnotherapy

3. Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold

Glen Harrold, a British hypnotherapist, narrates this self-hypnosis meditation app. If Glenn’s soothing British-accent cannot put you to sleep, then nothing will. The bedtime mix is a full hypnotherapy session that will melt away the day’s anxiety and stress. The 27-minute audio clip is filled with affirmations and suggestions to help you reach mental and physical relaxation.

Price: Free. Available on iPhone and Android.

4. Long Deep Breathing

Slow and deep breathing techniques have been shown to calm and relax the mind. Breathing exercises right before bed will put you in the right state of mind for restful sleep. Practice your deep breathing technique with this app that features adjustable exercise duration and breath duration, as well as a verbal instruction option.

Price: $0.99. Available for the iPhone.

Sleep Smarter: Track your Sleep Cycle

5. Sleep Cycle

If you do not have the latest and greatest wearable fitness trackers to measure your sleep cycles, this is the best option for you.

Sleep Cycle is your new best friend, using the motion sensor on your phone to track your movements during sleep. If waking up is your problem, then Sleep Cycle is there for you, use the motion sensors on your phone to wake up when you are at your lightest sleep phase.

The app analyzes your sleep and provides detailed sleep statistics and graphs for every night. You can even use your iPod music as the wake-up sound. The app also integrates with the Health app introduced in iOS8.

Price: $0.99. Available on iPhone.