5 Things That Can Happen to You if You Do Not Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is important and failing to do it can lead to many health issues. Everything you need to know is here.


Physical exercise is really important and a regular workout will keep the body in shape and help in monitoring body function. Every individual should engage in 45-50 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on a daily basis.


A healthy lifestyle like nutritious eating, no drinking or smoking and various other things are factors that determine good health. Physical exercise is equally important as well. With everything available on the digital, from grocery to online classes, we have a little aspect of moving our legs and heading out to a place. However, this is harmful and unhealthy. According to a study published in the Lancet, minimal or no physical exercise can lead to the risk of premature death and causes more death worldwide as compared to people who consume tobacco or are diabetic.

These are the 5 things that can happen if you do not exercise regularly:

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With regular exercise, the heart remains fit and active. Exercises like aerobic and cardio are related to good heart rate and lower the risk of heart ailments. Your heart functioning will start eroding if you do not exercise or go out for a long time. This can have an impact on your everyday tasks. You can experience shortness of breath, poor dietary habits, heart issues and cholesterol issues as well.


Muscles keep the body in good shape and provide strength to them. When adequate physical exercise is not done, the muscle strength can decrease and can make you feel weaker. By this, a lot of muscles will lose the strength that is required to keep the body breathing and provide movement. Things like picking up smaller weight can become difficult. It can also be difficult to carry on everyday tasks and activities.

Exercise is linked with the quality of sleep. If you're not getting good sleep, you're exposing yourself to bad health. An intense workout leads to falling asleep sooner on the bed and waking up energised. When your body fails to move around, you find it difficult to fall asleep and risk yourself in bad sleep. Exercise has proven to be a good stressbuster and sleep inducer. Poor sleep quality is linked with hormonal issues that include diabetes risk, weight gain and poor mental health.

Physical exercise helps in building stamina and endurance. With no exercise, your body is at risk of becoming weaker in a short duration of time and losing out on all the good quality your body gained. This can lead to a shocking effect on the activity levels.

Type-2 diabetes is becoming a risk factor and is most common in our country. However, the chances of diabetes vary, one of the reasons can be lack of physical exercise. By doing exercise, you can see changes in how your body process carbohydrates. With no regular exercise, your blood sugar can rise, increase inflammation levels and lead to obesity.

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Published Date:October 22, 2021 11:30 AM IST

Updated Date:October 22, 2021 11:28 AM IST