With snacks like pakodas, kachoris, somasa, even though are finger-licking delicious, are not healthy as they are fried and have a high quantity of sugar. If consumed daily, it can lead to a toll on health and hypertension. Hypertension and high blood pressure are the most common condition that people face. A strict diet can lead to a decrease in blood pressure.Also Read - High Blood Pressure Levels? Try Beetroot Juice And Find Healthy Beetroot Tikki Recipe Inside

As stated by the British Journal of Nutrition, to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, prevention of hypertension is necessary. Lifestyle modifications like following a weight loss diet or a low sodium diet can control the rise of blood pressure. Ingredients like potassium or calcium can be added to the diet plans. Also Read - 3 Yoga Asanas to Balance Out Blood Pressure Levels

Here’s a list of food that helps in preventing hypertension:

  • Coffee

According to a lot of studies, caffeine leads to an increase in blood pressure. It has always acted like a stimulator. That is why energy drinks are not recommended for people who have high blood pressure. They include a lot of caffeine and sugar which is clearly not helpful for people living with hypertension or high blood pressure. Also Read - 5 Effective Ways to Manage Blood Pressure Levels Amid COVID-19

  • Salt

Food that needs to be preserved will have a higher salt content. Salt is needed to extend the life of the meal and to make it last for a longer duration of time. The sodium concentration increases when the meal is kept.

  • Canned Food

Meals that have been enriched in sodium can also lead to an increase in high blood pressure. Canned food is also known for its low nutrition content. To replace it with something healthy, fresh food can help in the replacement and provide the required nourishment and delicious taste.

  • Sugar

A sufficient amount of sugar is healthy for overall consumption. The increase in sugar can lead to a lot of diseases. Diseases like obesity, dental problem, high blood pressure to name a few. Sugar can lead to obesity and high blood pressure.

  • Processed Meat

The levels of sodium in processed meat can be higher. These meats have already been prepared, cured and salted, hence, already processed. The sodium level in sauces, pickles, cheese or bread, that comes with meat as toppings, can lead to hypertension.

  • Bread

Bread is a favourite meal when consumed with melted butter. However, it is not quite good for health as it is made of maida. The presence of maida can lead increase in gaining weight and high sugar in take.

  • Peanut Butter

The beloved peanut butter is not super healthy after all. It can lead to an increase in the quantity of fat and also due to high sodium content, it should be highly avoided. However, unsalted peanut butter can be used instead of that.