It’s that time of year when we all make promises to ourselves to improve in some way and make changes that we didn’t during the previous year. Many people set immediate goals, such as losing weight, or even attempt to make moral changes to become a better person. Whatever the resolution is, the key is to keep it. I’m guilty of making resolutions pretty much every year, but probably only following through on one or two. Also Read - International Yoga Day 2021: Best 5 Yoga Apps That You Should Check Out | Watch Video

This  year, one of my goals was to get healthier—not to lose weight or diet, per se, but to make an actual lifestyle change. I always set a goal of losing 10 pounds throughout the year; however, when I step on the scale and I’m not 10 pounds lighter, I tend to get discouraged. Also Read - Yoga For Anxiety and Stress: Top 5 Asanas To Improve Mental Health| International Yoga Day

I’m sure many people can relate to this feeling—if you do, you know that setting goals is easy; it’s sticking to them that is the challenge. Almost everyone I know has set a goal to be healthier or lose weight this year. But staying healthy isn’t just about body image; it’s about your mental health as well. If your mind isn’t happy, your body will show it, and if your body isn’t happy, your mind will show it. Also Read - Yoga For Immunity: Yoga Asanas That Can Boost Your Immune System| International Yoga Day

Throughout my many years of failure to accomplish my resolutions, I’ve compiled a list of tricks to help me stick to my one and only resolution this year of staying healthy.

If losing weight is your goal, try these three tips:

1. Set a weekly activity goal of how much you want to work out, walk, or exercise. 

Start with a minimum target, such as working out for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. For example, I joined a fitness class that charges me if I don’t attend their class. So, if I don’t go, I’m losing out financially—and that becomes my motivation to go.

2. Keep track of what you’re eating. 

I downloaded a fitness app and wear a fitness tracker daily to keep track of what I’m eating and how active I’m being. This has kept me motivated by wanting to challenge myself on a daily basis. Every day, I try to extend my activity a few extra minutes than the day before.

3. Meal prep!

I used to complain that eating leftovers was disgusting—but actually, you can meal prep for three to five days in advance, depending on the product, without compromising on taste and quality. (Not to mention, this has made my life easier!) There are so many easy recipes to try, and it’s a good way to experiment in the kitchen.

If getting mentally healthy is your goal, try these strategies:

1. Learn to let the little things go.   

If you can’t fix something, don’t dwell on it. I’ve learned countless times in relationships with family, friends, and even intimate partners, that you’re not going to be able to make everyone happy all the time. If you are content with the choices you make, then that’s what matters at the end of the day.

2. Find something daily to do that makes you happier and less stressed. 

Stress is a daily occurrence in everyone’s life. Some people like to work out their stresses while others release tension by doing something creative. Personally, I love to listen to music or write down my thoughts.

3. Take time to enjoy the little moments in life.

Go on a scenic hike, or travel to a place you’ve always dreamt of visiting. If you can’t get to that place, find some local adventures near you. I often try to find something new in my city to explore as a way of keeping my mind active and present.

4. Challenge yourself in every aspect possible.

Push yourself in your career and in your personal life. If you can continue to challenge yourself to reach new limits, then your mind will continue to grow.

The healthier your mind is, the easier it will be to stay healthy in other areas of your life. It’s a balance of both mind and body that helps you stay healthy in all aspects of your life.

So far, following these tips has made me feel healthier, stronger, and mentally happier—and you can too!